When you just listen your favorite music daily, you can’t grasp how bad it has become. Ever wanted to know how did we get from The Beatles to Justin Bieber? And we don’t even count not-so-popular metal or underground bands. It’s just regular pop music. Well, stay tuned. Unfortunately, this plague has also reached rock bands, but more on that later.

First problem is that majority of modern music is that all of it sound surprisingly similar. Yes, lyrics vary (although not very clever, we must admit), but certain key points in the tune and music/melody… well, here we have a problem.

It looks like composers who write music for the majority of today’s pop singers use same tune to make music we like to hear, but after hearing ten songs, you can’t see any difference.

Now, the lyrics problem. A simple question: how many times while commuting to the work when turning on the radio you heard words “shooting star” in different variations? Mother of God, we hear it in 50% of freaking songs, or something is wrong with us?

This is an introductory post and in future we will try to cover this topic in relation to our bread and butter – rock and metal. We’ll keep you posted.